Vacationing in the Philippines

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The Philippines is one of the more expansive nations in Asia. Since it’s a tropical country, it is understood by many foreigners as a excellent spot to escape freezing winters of the home countries to enjoy the warm sun and clean beaches of the islands.

If you are visiting the Philippines, here are the top things that you can do:

1. Sagada

Sagada is situated in a mountainous region of the Philippines. Since it’s in the mountains, its climate is cooler than the other elements of the Philippines. The best attractions in Sagada are their hanging coffins, a traditional way of burying people that’s still utilized today. Additionally, trek up Kiltepan Peak early in the morning to find the sea of clouds between the mountain ranges. Some people visit Sagada to enjoy and reflect in their life as this place is really peaceful. Sagada is a perfect place for people who don’t mind a tiny isolation away from the crowds.

2. Boracay

It’s been named in many notable travel magazines as one of the best resort islands to visit in the world. Each year, more than a million tourists visit Boracay for its tranquility, relaxation, and its emerging night life. It is definitely a must visit destination when you go to the Philippines.

3. Manila

Try a tour in Manila and visit beautiful historical sites in like Fort Santiago, Manila Bay, National Museum of the Philippines, and Luneta Park You’ll be amazed by how the Philippines has improved and evolved as a nation.

4. Vigan

Vigan is a place that will take you to the past as it is one of the few places left in the Philippines where its colonial era buildings still remain in fact. In 1999, Vigan was known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and later named among the New7Wonder Cities from the New7wonders Foundation in 2015 as one of the world’s wonder cities.

5. Chocolate Hills in Bohol

The famous Chocolate Hills in Bohol are composed of more than a million small rolling hills in a 20-square mile area. Hence its title, Chocolate Hills. People also visit Bohol to see tarsiers, which are small primates no larger than a human fist. Because they live in trees and have big, distinctive round eyes, some people may initially confuse them for owls.

6. Mayon Volcano

The Mayon volcano is the most famous active volcano in the Philippines because of its perfectly symmetrical cone-shaped look. Its last eruption occurred in 2009 that resulted in the evacuation of thousands of towns people living at the base of the volcano. Some activities you could do at the bottom of the volcano are ATV adventures and visiting the Cagsawa Ruins that was a town that was destroyed by an eruption in 1814.

7. Baguio

The Philippines is a tropical country so it’s expected that the weather is hot. But if you’re looking a place to cool down after touring from the crowded streets of sunny Manila then Baguio is definitely the place to be. Baguio is situated at the northern part of the Philippines and you can do food trip. Baguio is famous for its fresh strawberries, ube (a purple yam) jam, and lots of eateries known as restos.

8. Zamboanga

Zamboanga is situated at the base of the Philippine archipelago and it’s a place famous for their vinta tradition in which the sailors set sail in small, but beautifully made boats with colorful sails. If you speak Spanish then you you’ll have no problems with language in Zamboanga because the natives speak Spanish but they call their language”Chavakano”. For more details check out Wildlife Control Chattanooga

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